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Big Data system, that consists of in-memory technology, analytics database, and event processing.


Big Data system, that consists of in-memory technology, analytics database, and event processing.

MongoDB by MongoDB

From startups to enterprises, for the modern and the mission-critical, MongoDB is the database for giant ideas.

QlikSense by Qlik

Data visualization and analysis system, that enables to create personalized, interactive data visualizations, reports and dashboards.

Elasticsearch by Elastic

Elasticsearch is a distributed, RESTful search and analytics engine based on Apache Lucene.

Aiven Kafka by Kafka

Scalable, fully-managed streaming data platform and distributed messaging system hosted on all major clouds. Set up in 10 minutes.

SAS Business Intelligence by SAS Institute

Business Intelligence software to prepare data, easily discover insights and share it in a self-service, governed manner.

Teradata Database by Teradata

Designed to deliver high performance, diverse queries, in-database analytics & sophisticated workload management.

Big Data by Informatica

Integrate all types of data using the system, that provides you with pre-built data parsers and big data relationship management.

Statistica by Dell

Predictive analytics software for businesses of all sizes, that includes data mining, predictive analytics, and Hadoop technology.

Affiliate Software

Post Affiliate Pro by Quality Unit

Post Affiliate Pro is affiliate software that runs your entire affiliate program from top to bottom. It is intuitive, fast, effective, and infinitely expandable and scalable.

InviteReferrals by Tagnpin

InviteReferrals is the simplest referral marketing software to design and launch customer referral program like Refer a friend, Tell a friend etc.

Offerslook by Offerslook

Offerslook is a cost-effective performance marketing SaaS. Unlimited clicks, pay only for conversions, save 50% of your cost.

iDevAffiliate by iDevDirect

Affiliate tracking solution that supports customized commission payouts and offers extensive marketing features.

Refersion by Refersion

Refersion is the best tool for building your own network of affiliates. Our app will track affiliate sales, help you turn customers into affiliates, and simplify payments.

Machine Learning

Azure Machine Learning Studio by Microsoft

Collaborative solution with drag and drop interface built to create and deploy predictive analytics solutions in minutes. Code free.

Google Cloud ML Engine

Managed service for creating ML solutions. Provides ML model building and training, predictive analytics, and deep learning.


Integrated collection of GIS software products; provides a standards-based platform for spatial analysis, data management, and mapping.

TensorFlow by TensorFlow

Flexible, open-source machine learning library for machine learning researchers.

IBM Data Science Experience by IBM

Collaborative ML platform that helps data scientists and analysts create, test, deploy, and share predictive analytics models.