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Dr. Sourish Saha stands as a testament to interdisciplinary excellence, with a distinguished background spanning data science, neuroscience, and oncology. Holding an MS from the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur and a PhD from the University of Florida, Dr. Saha has dedicated himself to pioneering research projects that harness the power of data science across diverse fields. His relentless pursuit of innovation has propelled to the forefront of global business, offering top-tier pharma and biotech brands unparalleled solutions for optimization.


PhD, Statistics, University of Florida

MS, Statistics, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

BS, Statistics, Presidency University

Diploma, Computer Science, NIIT

Internship, US Department of Health & Human Services

Ranked # 1, South Point High School

Ranked # 35, All India Rank @ Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineers

Ranked # 4, American Statistical Association @ Stat Bowl, Joint Statistical Meetings


Artificial Intelligence (Big Data)

Neuroscience (Alzheimer’s Disease)

Health Economics (US Department of HHS)

Designs for Multi-response Models [paper]

Quality Control & Management [paper]

Generalized Linear Mixed Models (Novartis)

Respiratory Diseases [paper]

Bio Tech

The Science

The biotechnology industry is fully dependent on living organisms. The cell being the basic unit, or multiple cells and some organisms are unicellular like bacteria and yeast. Humans are multi cellular having trillions of cells.

Drug Discovery

Scientists normally search for molecules of either chemical or biological agents that can alter a disease process. They strive to find ways to change one or several molecular or cellular processes.


This has brought about a plethora of changes in the evolution of laboratory techniques, tools and a focus on platform technologies. To understand these changes it is necessary to gather basic knowledge.

Drug Development

The lengthy process of drug discovery does not complete the process of drug development. It comprises safety and formulation and manufacture of drug. Preclinical Studies are testing experiments involving human’s studies.

Manufacturing Process

This is a complex process of biologics as it involves proteins which are large molecules in structure and sensitive to environmental conditions. The manufacturing process can cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

Biotechnology Medicine

Advancement of technology in the sphere of application in cellular and molecular biology has created many wonderful products to treat or prevent diseases and products are including therapeutic proteins.

How Biology Drives Biotechnology

Biology is a study of life and the basic unit of life is the cell. Biotechnology which is based on biology study the structure and the function of cells and uses this information to develop products.

Future of Biotechnology in Healthcare

Biotechnology offers more and better healthcare options, novel diagnostics and therapies for prevention and treatment of diseases. Although at an initial stage, it is ushering in an era of innovative medicines.


Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

Customer Analytics

Generalized Linear Model

Multivariate Data

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